Carrie Lieberman

Small Business & Federal Compliance Manager
Grunley Construction Company, Inc.

Carrie Lieberman is a Ferris State University graduate with 15 years of experience in the construction industry. For the past 10 years, she has represented Grunley Construction Company, a $425 million general contracting firm headquartered in the Washington metropolitan area, as their Small Business and Federal Compliance Manager. In this pivotal role, Carrie develops, prepares and executes individual subcontracting plans for all small business types as well as monitors and reports performance relative to contractual small business subcontracting requirements. Over the years, Carrie has successfully established solid relationships with hundreds of small businesses in the subcontracting community. She regularly plans and leads outreach events in various regions to connect with small and local businesses with the goal of increasing their participation in Grunley’s bidding opportunities. She tirelessly works to ensure that procurement packages are structured to permit small and local business participation to the maximum extent possible. Carrie’s advocacy for the fullest participation of small businesses in construction projects has led her to serve as Chairwoman of the Washington Building Congress’ Small Business Committee for the past three years.