Cesar Nader

president & CEO, xcorp solutions


Cesar Nader is a Marine retired, business owner, veteran advocate and executive coach with over 15 years of experience coaching and mentoring individuals, entrepreneurs, couples, teams and organizations to improve and realize their potential with practical and proven methods. Mr. Nader leads from experience and with the
understanding that connecting people and helping them be successful is the key to a great reputation.

After living abroad for 11 years, he returned to the United States with only $200 in his pocket. In 20 years, he completed an honorable two minors, studies two languages (Chinese and French) and finished two masters programs. Among his other achievements, he started several companies, helping people and organizations attain maximum effectiveness. His background and expertise come from a wealth of leadership positions in the United States Marine Corps. Leaders from all walks of life have used Mr. Nader’s expertise and his knowledge of Marine Corps leadership to synergize their productivity and achieve personal and professional growth.

Mr. Nader’s corporate background includes a consistent record of staring and growing businesses from the private to the federal sector. In addition, he is the President and CEO of X Corp Solutions, a Language and Culture Immersion Services Company that also specializes in Leadership Development and professional training. He also serves as an advisor and advocate for other owners and successful leaders as well as non-profit organizations.
As an executive coach, Mr. Nader works with leaders and individuals alike without distinction or segregation. His practical experience from military combat and business development are a perfect blend of fireproof Leadership tools for those seeking to experience the ultimate level of coaching in any of the six different core areas of life coaching: Personal, Spiritual, Nutrition, Health, Financial and Professional.