Cesar Nader

Founder, XCorp Solutions

Cesar Nader is an executive coach with over 10 years of experience coaching and mentoring individuals, couples, teams and organizations to improve and realize their potential with practical and proven methods. Mr. Nader leads from experience and with the understanding that there’s no limit to the will of the human spirit.

After living abroad for 11 years, he returned to the United Stated with only $200 in his pocket. In 20 years, he completed an honorable military career with two combat tours. Three under graduate majors, two minors, studies two languages (Spanish and French) and finished two masters programs. Among his other achievements, he started several companies, helping people and organizations attain maximum effectiveness.

His background and expertise come from a wealth of leadership

Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker, Career Transition Facilitator

United States Marine

Dual MBA, Triple Major, Double Minor, Linguist,

Foreign Area Officer (Latin America)