Dennis S. Guadarrama

Chief of enterprise procurement division,U.s. air force

Mr. Dennis S. Guadarrama is the Chief of Enterprise Procurement Division, Planning and Integration Directorate, AF Civil Engineering Center, Lackland AFB, Texas.  He is responsible in promoting Air Force corporate-level management of AFCEC strategic acquisition, partnering and sourcing.  The division focus is to establish flexible contractual programs meeting future mission requirements and establishing a category management structure and governance while identifying and developing acquisition tools to support the CE enterprise.

Mr. Guadarrama entered the Air Force in 1989 as a program manager with the Environmental Management Directorate at the former Kelly AFB, Texas and continued to serve in leadership roles at Lackland AFB, Texas and HQ AETC, Randolph AFB, Texas until 2008.  He then led the Enhanced Use Lease Program value based transaction opportunities for the Air Force acquiring over $750M in-kind consideration in funds and facilities.  In 2014, Mr Guadarrama was selected to lead the new Enterprise Procurement Division orchestrating and establishing a category management program while serving as the Director of the Category Management Council for Facilities and Construction in support of the AF Category Manager.   

Mr. Guadarrama is a registered Civil Engineer-Texas.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from the University of Texas at San Antonio, a Master of Arts degree in public administration and management from Webster University, and is a graduate of Air War College.   


1. August 1989-June 1993, Environmental Project Engineer, Environmental Management Directorate, Kelly AFB, Texas 

2. June 1993- October 1996, Chief, Environmental Compliance/Restoration Divisions, Environmental Management Directorate, Kelly AFB, Texas 

3. Oct 1996 – June 1997, Chief, Environmental Flight, Lackland AFB, Texas 

4. June 1997- March 2014, Served in several CE leadership positions, HQ AETC, Randolph AFB, Texas 

5. July 2008 – March 2014, Chief, Strategic Asset Management Division, HQ AFRPA, Lackland AFB, Texas 

6. March 2014- Present, Chief, Enterprise Procurement Division, AFCEC, Lackland AFB, Texas 



2003 Air Force Civilian Meritorious Service Award 

2007 Distinguished Public Service Award, National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives 



2005 – present, Excellence in Government Senior Fellow 

2007 – present, National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives