Jack Beecher

Operations Manager - Mid-Atlantic Region, mahorsky group


Jack recently retired from the Norfolk District, Army Corps of Engineers after a career that spanned 43 years.   Including his time in the active Army and tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968, Jack had been with the Army just over 45 years.

While with the Norfolk District he held several positions ranging from an entry level Surveying Tech, to the Deputy Chief of Contracting, to Contracting Officer, to the Chief of the Norfolk District’s Small Business Programs Office.   The latter position Jack held for about 15 years and were his most engaging and fulfilling years with USACE.  During those years The Norfolk District became one of the best in USACE in terms of getting contracts into the hands of Small Businesses.  During one 5 year period Norfolk District averaged doing 51% of its total Program dollars to Small Businesses across the region.  During the District’s BRAC years, 2007-2011, The District awarded $1.1 Billion of its $3.0 Billion Program to Small Businesses across the region. 

In 2008 Jack was appointed by the Chief of Engineers as the USACE Program Manager for the federal government’s newest Small Business category, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVSBs) Jack led USACE to become the best Command in the Army in contract awards to SDVSBs.  USACE exceeded the 3% statutory goal 3 years in a row and was a major factor in the Army exceeding 3% for the first time in 2012.   USACE Districts have awarded just over $5 Billion in contracts to SDVSBs over a 10 year span.

Jack, although retired, from the Army Corps of Engineers, is not retired from assisting Small Businesses and especially SDVSBs.  He is continuing to consult with Small Businesses and SDVSBs across the country to help facilitate their desire to get involved in the federal government’s Small Business Program.  He is also working part time for The Mahorsky Group Inc (MGI), a bonding company.  MGI is in business to help Small Businesses, with a focus on SDVSBs and 8(a)s.  After 45 years with the Army Jack is still driven to serve.